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Funeral Casket Sprays

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Funeral Casket Sprays

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Red Rose Reverence Casket Spray Sending Joy #T225-3A (E2)

The deep red flowers of this red rose casket spray speak to the depth of your loss. Express your love with the simple elegance of this traditional spray, perfectly sized for a half couch or open casket.
Rich red roses and carnations are combined with salal and green ivy into a dramatic casket spray.
Approximately 43" W x 23" H.



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Garden of Grandeur Casket Spray #T226-3A (E2)

A traditional tribute that communicates deep love and eternal commitment. This dramatic red and white casket spray is ideal for a full couch or closed casket, mixing dozens of deep red roses with the pure white beauty of gladioli and stock.
Red roses and carnations are paired with snow white gladioli and stock, then accented with greens including variegated ivy and salal.
Approximately 75" W x 25" H.



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Purity and Peace Casket Spray #T229-3A (E2)

The peaceful purity of this all white casket spray is a touching, inspiring way to honor the departed. Large in scale, the lush arrangement is ideal for a full couch or closed casket service, featuring elegant white blooms such as calla lilies, dendrobium orchids and hydrangea.
Elegant funeral flowers such as calla lilies, white roses, white hydrangea, white dendrobium orchids, white stock, white snapdragons and white lisianthus are accented with Italian ruscus and salal.
Approximately 47" W x 17" H.



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Red Rose Sanctuary Casket Spray #T230-3A (E2)

Deep reds and tranquil greens both pay respect and convey heartfelt feelings at a time of loss. Traditional yet timeless, this elegant funeral arrangement is ideal for an open or closed casket.
Beautiful flowers such as red roses, gerberas, gladioli and carnations set amidst bells of Ireland, sword fern, bupleurum and salal, saddle-mounted for display.
Approximately 40" W x 27" H.



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Silken Serenity Casket Spray #T232-3A (E2)

A gracious and tender tribute to a beautiful and cherished life, this elegant half casket spray radiates loveliness and serenity. Its soft and heavenly white flowers delicately speak your heartfelt emotions.
Lovely flowers such as crème roses, white gladioli, stock and carnations, gracefully arranged with sword fern and other greens.
Approximately 43" W x 29" H.



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Lavender Tribute Casket Spray #T235-2A (E2)

Honor her femininity and generous spirit with a blanket of sweetly scented lavender, pink and purple flowers that create a magnificent final tribute, sincerely expressing devotion and love.
Gorgeous flowers such as lavender and pink roses, pink snapdragons and alstroemeria, purple and lavender chrysanthemums. All are entwined with eucalyptus, huckleberry and ming fern.
Approximately 51" W x 22" H.



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Always Adored Casket Spray #T236-3A (E2)

A graceful and magnificent cascade of delicate pale pink, white, and crème flowers conveys everlasting affection for the radiant spirit being honored, and gently eases sorrow for those paying respect.
Soft and feminine, this casket top display is composed of flowers such as pink hydrangea, roses and larkspur, along with white roses, stock and waxflower, accented by ivy, parvifolia eucalyptus and leatherleaf fern.
Approximately 66" W x 28" H.



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Distinguished Service Casket Spray #T240-3A (E2)

For a military or private funeral, this classic half-couch casket spray is a proud and patriotic way to pay lasting tribute to an loved one's esteemed memory, life of service and dedication to freedom.
Bold flowers such as blue hydrangea and delphinium, classic red roses, and white oriental lilies and gladioli form an all-American display honoring the deceased and their love of country.
Approximately 46 1/2" W x 24" H.



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Graceful Grandeur Casket Spray #T242-1A (E2)

Joyous times and golden memories are recalled with this lovely half-couch casket spray that consoles the bereaved and hints at the promise of sunshine and brighter days ahead.
An array of vivid flowers such as yellow roses, gladioli and chrysanthemums contrast with peaceful greens including Italian ruscus and aspidistra leaves.
Approximately 44" W x 22" H.



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Adoration Casket Spray #T242-2A (E2)

With dignity and grace, brilliant red carnations express the depth of your heartfelt feelings, and the tenderness of your everlasting devotion.
A classic half-couch spray of red carnations set against oregonia and salal, perfectly fitting for an open or closed casket service.
Approximately 36" W x 27" H.



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Strength and Wisdom Casket Spray #T242-3A (E2)

A dramatic contrast of brilliant red and tranquil white flowers expresses the range of emotions coloring the memorial experience, offering consolation and hope for the future to loved ones, family and friends.
This lovely mix of flowers such as red roses, gerberas and carnations is balanced by white chrysanthemums and larkspur set against an assortment of greens including eucalyptus, salal, and leatherleaf fern to create a strikingly beautiful casket spray.
Approximately 39" W x 21" H.



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Bountiful Memories Casket Spray #T242-4A (E2)

Matching luminous all white flowers and delicate garden greenery is an elegantly simple way to lend serenity and quiet strength to the bereaved during a time of great reflection, and pay tribute to the deceased with affection and grace.
Flowers such as pure white oriental lilies, gladioli, carnations and stock blend with fragrant greens to create a beautiful crescent-shaped half-casket spray.
Approximately 49" W x 27" H.



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Golden Garden Casket Spray #T243-1A (E2)

An abundant field of assorted yellow flowers evokes a summer's day and warming sunshine, offering comfort and hope during a time of loss. It's a beautiful tribute to golden memories.
Yellow flowers such as roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, snapdragons and solidago, set with huckleberry and leatherleaf fern create a vivid full-couch casket spray.
Approximately 64" W x 16" H.



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Island Memories Casket Spray #T244-3A (E2)

Tropical flowers evoke tropical breezes in this modern style casket spray. Deep red ti leaves and aspidistra leaves frame fresh and fragrant yellow lilies and chrysanthemums, along with orange orchids, roses and red gladioli.
Casket spray includes flowers such as orange orchids and roses, red gladioli and pink ice protea, plus yellow asiatic lilies and chrysanthemums, accented by red ti leaves, aspidistra leaves, sword fern and eucalyptus.
Approximately 40" W x 22 1/2" H.



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Meadows of Memories #T250-1A (E2)

As you come together to share your memories, these assorted purple flowers cradle the urn in a loving embrace. The soft greens and soothing purples are ideal to grace a memorial service.
Includes lovely flowers such as lavender larkspur, roses, carnations and asters, plus, green cymbidium orchids and fuji chrysanthemums.
Approximately 23 1/2" W x 20" H.



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In Memoriam Wreath #T253-1A (E2)

Keep fond memories close to your heart with this lovely feminine floral wreath. It's perfect to surround a framed photo of the departed.
Includes a multitude of flowers such as roses and carnations, along with pink gerberas, oriental lilies and snapdragons, purple orchids and asters, plus lavender delphinium. Green button spray chrysanthemums provide beautiful accents.
Approximately 26" W x 31" H.



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Bed of Pink Roses #T253-2A (E2)

Surrounded by roses, enveloped in love – a sumptuous pink rose wreath of light and dark hues serves as a stunning memorial.
Features thirty five light and hot pink roses with trailing stems of lush green ivy.
Approximately 33" W x 20" H.



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Sunset Wreath #T254-1A (E2)

Magnificent orange roses, green hydrangea and rich, dark cymbidium orchids will help comfort heavy hearts at a memorial service.
Richly colored flowers such as orange roses, green hydrangea, brown cymbidium orchids and yellow chrysanthemums.
Approximately 26" W x 16 1/2" H.



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Garden Wreath #T255-1A (E2)

Keep fond memories close to your heart with a floral wreath of white chrysanthemums, green cymbidium orchids and carnations.
Lovely flowers such as white chrysanthemums, green cymbidium orchids and carnations.
Approximately 20" W x 14" H.